Current clamp TP-CC600

Current clamp TP-CC600
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Easy to use current clamp for use with USB oscilloscope.

The Current clamp TP-CC600 is a current clamp that will allow your measuring instrument to measure electrical currents up to 600 A AC/DC, with a frequency response up to 400 Hz. When measuring with this current clamp, there is no need to break a closed circuit or to affect the isolation.

The long, narrow jaws allow performing measurements in narrow spaces.

For measuring DC current, a simple to operate zero adjust button is available.


Feature Value
Range 600 A
Bandwidth DC to 400 Hz (-3dB)
200 A range Output 1 mV/A, 1 V = 1000 A
600 A range Output 0.1 mV/A, 1 V = 10 000 A
Battery Standard 9 V battery
Output 4 mm banana sockets
Dimensions 30 x 209 x 43 mm
Captured conductor size 30 mm
Weight 240 g

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