Advanced IT

Bohemian Technology Group s.r.o. offers specialized ICT services.

We are partners of developers who deliver sophisticated IT solutions. We supply hardware and configuration with discounted services price of supplied systems.

For specific applications we develop a software to simplify and automatize your work.

ICT devices installation

Our team is a long-term and a stable supplier to public and private spheres. Thanks to our stable base of engineers and IT specialists we offer a variety of services in networking, virtualization, encryption PBX, VPN and other IT systems.

We are ready for less common tasks, and our research department always chooses the best option to your satisfaction. We offer our experiences in installations of network equipment Cisco (ASA, IOS, ...), Mikrotik, DELL, FortiGate, ZyXEL, NUUO etc..

Then we deal with a configuring, an operating, and a managing virtualization technologies, VMware, XEN and Hyper-V.

With many years supply of IT technologies for medium-sized companies among recruitment agencies, automotive, hotels and municipal authorities we are able to prepare a comprehensive, a secure work environment with a regard to the processing of a personal data and the handling of the secret and the unpublic documents.

A data encryption and a computer security against theft

Our team of specialists can ensure a corporate network security against the eavesdropping, the espionage and the plotting of company secrets by staff.

We specialize in the email encryption, the encryption workrooms stations and the laptop encryption communication PC in the local network, remote employees using VPN, the server virtualization, the comprehensive backup systems, thecold and hot backups, including the encryption, both the server and of course backups.

Our consultants are well prepared for the advisory service and are able to design solutions for any security challenge.

Conventional PBX and SIP-VoIP PBXs with the encryption

We provide the sales, the installation and the service of PBX brands Alcatel, Alcatel-Lucent, Panasonic, Alphatel, Ateus and VoIP telephone exchanges Asterisk.

Furthermore, we provide our customers, which we greatly appreciate, and consulting services related to communications, and so, providing you with a complete service at a high level.

PBX VOIP ústředny

Telephone operations management

We provide management of telephone traffic in objects. In practice it looks as follows: when the line is launching with every tenant contract for the provision of telecommunications services. As part of the monthly fee for services are provided to customers the following services:

  • telephone line service
  • PBX programming
  • billing of calls and continuous supervision of operations services