Multiplexer MUX 1:4:16

Multiplexer MUX 1:4:16
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The Multiplexer BOTEG MUX 1: 4: 16 serves for multiplexing signaling paths. Thanks to serial port control (RS-232, 9600-N-1), it saves you a lot of manual work and automates your work with a simple communication protocol.

None of the connectors are exclusively input or output, all can be switched arbitrarily and the entire multiplexer is of course bi-directionally signal-permeable.

All internal routes are precisely shielded and possible external interference eliminated.

There are four groups of four BNC connectors on the front of the unit. Within these groups, there is no internal multiplexing within this four, but this four is multiplexed with the BNC connector on the other side of the device in the appropriate color by the front group. In addition, it is possible to multiplex any single terminal from the front BNC connectors with terminal X to A / B / C / D, which is located on the back side. The control firmware on your device checks for unauthorized overrun.

CircuitX to A/B/C/D is also equipped with automatic capacitive charge disconnection throughout the circuit by connecting the signal path via a tripping resistor for 50 ms.


ASCII, 9600-N-1, Command Start: .               End of command: *

.OSx-y* x – 1,2,3,4 – choice of rear connector A, B, C or D
y – 1,2,3,4 – select the connector in the square
.GEx-y* x – 1,2,3,4 – Selection of connector X to A / B / C / D ×
y – 1,2,3,4 – select the connector in the square
.GExON* x – 1,2,3,4 – connecting X connector to A / B / C / D to front ××
.GEOFF* Disconnect the GEN connector ×××


× Selecting a quadrant does not mean that the GEN connector is connected! Must be enabled via command .GExON*

×× Selecting the connector of the GEN does not mean that it will be connected to the given group on the front panel! The appropriate path must be set using command .GEx-y* 

××× The GEN connector is disconnected where it was active. By not being active on multiple readers at the same time, it is automatically disconnected from the assigned part.

Other options:

  • Discharge options can be canceled or extended.
  • The GEN option can be multiplexed to all fours.


Feature Value
Produkt Product Multiplexer MUX 1:4:16
Number of groups 4
Number of BNC Connectors in Group 4
Number of pinch channels 1 (X to A/B/C/D)
Frequency range >2 MHz
Power supply 12 VDC, max. 250 mA
Communication RS-232, 9600-N-1, ASCII
Weight [kg] 1,9
Dimensions [mm] 240 x 80 x 240


Multiplexing Animation:

 Přepínač MUX 1:4:16 diagram, animace propojování

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