Preamplifier BOTEG PREAMP20 20 dB

Preamplifier BOTEG PREAMP20 20 dB
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The low-noise preamplifier for the acoustic emission (AE) sensors is an essential part of the larger installations, where there is a signal attenuation. The preamplifier gain is fixed to 20 dB. The power is supplied by a separated power jack 5.5 x 2.1 mm and is thus maximally prevent a distortion. The preamplifier BOTEG PREAMP20 is built into a compact aluminum boxe with BNC outputs type F.

The preamplifier BOTEG PREAMP20 is fully compatible with our ultrasonic sensors (see below for related products) and also with oscilloscopes TiePie Handyscope.

Our preamplifiers are customized - at the customer's request, we are able to adjust its mechanical property (a design, a box, the IP protection, the level of amplification, a by-pass amplifier, etc.) and its graphical property (a manufacturer's logo, color aluminum boxes, a filling, distribution connectors, etc.).

Gain characteristics

Gain characteristics of preamplifier BOTEG PREAMP20 20 dB

Amplitude to Amplitude characteristics

Amplitude to Amplitude characteristics for preamplifier PREAMP20


Feature Description
Signal gain 20 dB
Bandwidth 30 kHz - 950 kHz
HP Filter -3 dB 1 kHz
SNR -46 db (<0,5% @ 400 Vp-p)
Input signal Umax: 2 V (Vp-p)
Output signal Umax: 24 V (Vp-p) *1
DC Power U: 26-29 V, Imin: 200 mA
Connectors 2x BNC-F, 1x Jack 5.5 x 2.1 mm
Dimensions (without connectors) 87 x 45 x 25 mm
Weight 90 g
Protection Marking IP 40
Package contents Preamplifier, Power Supply (100 - 240 V | 50 - 60 Hz)


*1 Customizable, Limitable - contact us


PREAMP20 Datasheet EN
PREAMP20 Datasheet CZ

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