TiePie Handyprobe HP3

TiePie Handyprobe HP3
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The world's first PC based 100 MS/s differential USB high voltage oscilloscope.

The Handyprobe HP3 combines a fast sampling up to 100 MS/s with a high voltage input range of 800 V and a differential input in a small and light enclosure. Powered only by USB, this versatile high voltage USB scope enables safely measuring high voltages anywhere in the field.

The Handyprobe HP3 high voltage oscilloscope is a small and light weight measurement probe. Its rugged housing is specially designed for use in a dirty and rough environment but is compact enough to fit into any tool case.

The Handyprobe HP3 high voltage oscilloscope key specifications are:

Oscilloscope / Spectrum analyzer / Multimeter / Data logger
High voltage input range of 200 mV up to 800 V
Differential input
100 MS/s sampling
50 MHz bandwidth
10 MS/s, 10 bit continuous streaming
1 MSamples memory
0.2 % DC vertical accuracy, 0.3 % typical
100 ppm time base accuracy

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